Folding crab traps are a recent innovation that is changing the face of crabbing from crab docks. The Crab Max Crab Trap is made in Lincoln City by handicap man, Bill Paterek and his blind buddy Merl. The Crab Max was named in honor of Bill's dog, Max.

The Crab Max Trap is easily the finest folding crab trap on the market today. Made from high quality stainless steel and materials the Crab Max crab trap is easily used with a hand line using our, "T Handle" to deploy the Crab Max crab trap or fishing pole as shown below.

Hand lines and the quality of materials is the difference between our crab trap and other crab traps. You will be using our folding crab traps long after you have thrown the others away. The use of hand lines with, "T Handles" is exclusive to Crab Max. All you have to do is buy some chicken legs and you are ready to crab.

Click on the photograph to view a short video clip of the Dungeness crabs caught in Siletz Bay using Crab Max crab traps.

Click on the sculpture of the Chinook salmon to view a video clip of our free crabbing class on Siletz Bay showing a couple with their first legal Dungeness crab ever. The video shows participants deploying the Crab Max crab traps into Siletz Bay.

Crabbing in Yaquina Bay, Bill Lackner displays two of 14 large red rock crabs he caught off the Bay Street Pier using a Crab Max folding crab trap and a surf rod. Bill caught lots of Dungeness crabs but they were either larger females or males that were 1/4 to 1/16 of an inch too short to keep.

It is common to catch up to 3 legal sized crabs at a time when the crabs are in the bays; however, I used only 1 Crab Max with a hand line to take the 3 legal Dungeness crabs shown below from the Coast Guard Pier in Winchester Bay. Three Dungeness crabs were all I needed to make a wonderful Crab Louie for my wife and I while we were camped at nearby Eel Lake.

The CRAB MAX is innovative by design and easy to use. The CRAB MAX comes equipped with a 100 foot hand line. Compare and consider the difference in the photos below. A 5 gallon bucket, a Crab Max crab trap and bait versus the wheel barrow and all the other stuff.

Truly versatile, the Crab Max is compact and easy to use with a hand line of surf rod

The Crab Max with a hand line using the, "T Handle" is the most effective method to take crabs from the Oregon shore. Women and Child friendly, the Crab Max is easier for women and kids to crab than using other method to take crabs.

Crab catch capacity and high quality materials is the measure that separates the Crab Max from other folding crab traps. The 18 inch dimension really pays off when crabbing is hot. It is not unusual to catch 3 or more keeper sized Dungeness crabs per pull. Click HERE to see the information to purchase the CRAB MAX. Crab Max are not legal for use in California because the folding crab traps are too effective at taking Dungeness crabs.

To use the crab max with the hand line uncoil the hand line then reverse coil the hand line back toward the wooden hand line holder. Open the trap by sliding the ball bearing swivel off of the bait pin. Unfold the crab trap. Open the bait clip by sliding the bait pin sleeve of the bait pin. Insert the bait pin through a chicken leg. Fasten the bait pin containing the chicken leg to the trap by sliding the bait pin sleeve over the bait pin. Step on the wooden line holder, grasp the hand line by the T Handle and look behind you to ensure the area is clear. Spin the crab trap several times in an elliptical orbit and throw the crab trap into the water. When crabbing is good wait for 5 minutes before pulling the Crab Max crab trap filled with all sizes of Dungeness Crabs. Well, when crabbing is slow wait longer and read a book, fish, picnic or record your crabbing adventure with your family and friends with photos or on video. Wear gloves or crab at your own risk when deploying or retrieving the Crab Max crab trap to prevent injuring you fingers.

Click on the photo to view the video clip of our crabbing adventure to Siletz Bay during the vernal equinox.

The photo above demonstrates the importance of crabbing durring the vernal equinox of the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox . Crabbing from the north shore was a planned event to see if we enjoyed the same level of success that we experienced at the vernal equinox of the summer solstice. The Equinoxes is when the sunlight shines equally on both the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere. The crabs were taken by my friend, Dustin and myself using the Crab Max folding crab traps baited with turkey necks, wings, legs and chicken legs. Ultimately, we retained 22 hard shell barnacle encrusted crabs. We returned 9 plus soft shell legal sized male crabs to the water. Our success of taking limits of Dungeness on September 23 exceeded our expectations!!!

The CRAB MAX shown below in the open position with a hand line is a proven folding crab trap that outperforms conventional crab rings and other folding crab traps. Click HERE to see the order information to purchase the CRAB MAX.

Take advantage of your options and for $96.00 purchase the Crab Max Special consisting of 3 Crab Max crab traps with hand lines and we will include a crab gage for total savings of $8.50 per order. Making a gift of either Beginner's Special to a child is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Hand Lines

Hand lines with our exclusive, "T Handle" are the most efficient way to use the Crab Max, especially for women and children. Not only are hand lines the most efficient they are the most economical. We recommend to crabbers using fishing poles to cast their Crab Max to order hand lines as backup should the fishing rods fail. The hand lines are also purchased by crabbers who use them on other brands of folding crab traps. The cost of the hand lines is $11.00 per hand line plus $6.80 shipping and handling charge for the 1st hand line shipped. Click HERE to see the information for ordering Hand Lines.

The PVC Hand Line Holder was developed to protect the wooden hand line holders when crabbing from the sandy shore. The hand line holder holds up to 3 wooden hand line holders while crabbing. The weight of seaweed that often collects on the trap will can drag the crab traps hand lines and all into the bay. The PCV Hand Line Holder was developed to minimize the problem. The cost of the PCV Line Holder is 10.00 each plus $6.80 shipping and handling charge for the 1st hand line shipped. Click HERE to see the order information for ordering Hand Line Holders.

Crab Mallet

The wooden crab mallet is a recent addition to our family of products. My wife and grandsons use our crab mallets whenever we shake and pick large numbers of crabs. Using a crab mallet in conjunction with shaking crab will cut your crab picking time to minutes rather than hours. The crab mallet can be used to humanly kill crabs by turning the crab over onto it's back and striking the crab at the point of its abdominal flap. However, I prefer using a knife to humanly kill crabs before backing, cleaning and cooking the crabs.

$4.00 per mallet is a great price for this time saver. The shipping cost of a $6.80 applies to the first crab mallet only. Divide the work by having 3 or 4 on hand when it is time to shake the multiple limits of crabs that you, your family members and friends caught.

Click HERE to see the product information for our Crab Max crab traps and crab mallet.

Crab Gage

The Oregon, Washington and California Crab Gage is a new item to our product line for $1.85. Order a half of dozen crab gages to reduce the cost of the $2.30 shipping and handling charge. The shipping and handling charge applies to the first crab gage ordered only. Click HERE to see the product information for our Crab Max crab catchers, crab mallet and crab gage.

Oregon's Crabs

Learn how to take crabs from Oregon's Coastal Waters. Oregon's Crabs is the complete color guide to taking Dungeness and red rock crabs on the Oregon' Coast. The 64 page book, Oregon's Crabs, describes the cyclical movement of crabs from our bays, identifies the most productive baits and the most innovative and productive methods used to take crabs from Oregon's Coastal waters using crab pots, crab rings, crab snares and the most effective Crab Max folding crab catcher. Oregon's Crabs is on Backorder

The six Dungeness crabs and one red rock crab in the cover photo were taken from the crabbing dock at the Embarcadero Resort in Yaquina Bay.

The Book includes:

  • All the information necessary to take Dungeness and red rock crabs from Oregon's Coastal Waters.
  • Evaluates the methods used to take Dungeness and red rock crabs.
  • Updated maps of Oregon's Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon's Bays where crabs are commonly caught.
  • Describes INNOVATIVE METHODS used to humanly kill then clean Dungeness and red rock crabs.
  • Describes How to Shake Crabs. Recover a higher percentage of crab meat using the method professional crab shakers use.
  • Family recipes that your family will love. Our recipes emphasize using cooking methods that enhance the naturally sweet flavor of crab meat to its full potential. This year's new original recipe for Oregon's Crab Tacos is worth the price of the book.
  • Personalize your copy of Oregon's Clams with an autograph by the author by entering your name or the name of the person you are giving the book to in the appropriate box on the payment page.

Eighty five year old crabber, Stan wrote, "Thanks for a great book, Bill…..It answers all my questions and much more.  I'll be using box traps of my boat in Winchester Bay for a while.  Thanks, again, Stan"

Derek from Eugene writes, "Hey William, I wanted to just thank you for the new "crab max" traps that we received. We love them and they work great. Also the book "Oregon Crabs" is filled with helpful information. Thanks again Derek in Eugene"

The revised color edition of the 64 page book, Oregon's Crabs, describes the cyclical movement of crabs from our bays, identifies the most productive baits and the most innovative and productive methods used to take crabs from Oregon's Coastal waters using crab pots, crab rings, crab snares and the most effective Crab Max folding crab trap. The book describes innovative methods to humanly clean and cook crabs. My family looks forward to preparing the recipes in the book each time we go crabbing especially when the catch includes Oregon's native red rock crabs. Click HERE to order information to purchase Oregon's Crabs for $12.70.


Clam Watch has started a Discussion Forum to broaden the scope of our service to clam diggers and crabbers. The discussion forum will add a new dimension to the ability of clam diggers to relate their experiences to one another.


Click on the following links for additional information about taking crabs in the Pacific Northwest. Click on ODFW's website crab page or click HERE to view Washington States information on recreational crabbing or click HERE to view California's information on recreational crabbing. Click HERE to view Alaska's comments on Dungeness Crabs. Click HERE to view Dungeness Crabs at Netarts Bay. Click HERE to view a video of cleaning Dungeness crabs. NOAA Tide Tables for you area.

Even though it seldom occurs marine toxins can develop in crabs. Be sure crab safe. Always call the shellfish Hotline at (503) 986-4728 or 1-800-448-2474 toll free outside of Oregon before harvesting clams or mussels for messages listing the areas closed to harvesting shellfish due to high levels of marine toxins. The information displayed on the ODA Shellfish Hotline Website or the ODFW Recreational Report websites may or may not be up to date and the information posted there may not be accurate and CANNOT be trusted. ODFW Shellfish Regulations, and the link to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department's OHV for ATV Enthusiast.

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